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Copland, Aaron (1900-90), Born in Brooklyn, New York, Aaron Copland has long been considered the "Dean of American Composer." His most beloved works are his ballet scores of the 1930's and 1940's, "Billy the Kid, " "Rodeo" and "Appalachian Spring", but those are hardly to only works of Copland's to have become classics in the composer's own time. One such work is the "Fanfare for the Common Man," composed in 1942 and also used in the finale of   Copland's magnificent Third Symphony, (1946). One of the most uplifting works in the modern repertoire, the "Fanfare" begins with a simple trumpet theme, punctuated by hefty percussion; and from these simple and effective materials, more extensively worked out brass and percussion textures unfold.

Click here to play a 60 second excerpt of Fanfare for the Common Man (approx. 1.3mb)Performed by The Boston Pops Orchestra, conducted by John Williams (Philips Compact Disc 412 627-2) Length of actual recording 3:01 min