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I. What We Are

We are a small but growing number of like-minded individuals who are dissatisfied with the conditions of present-day society. We seek to build a new and better society. To this end, we seek to secure an island or similar venue on which to establish OUR OWN SOVEREIGN NATION governed by a libertarian government which shall be the servant of the people and not their master, where the first guaranteed right shall be THE RIGHT TO BE LEFT ALONE and where the people with common sense have power and the people with power have common sense. Ours would be a society which would embrace diversity, and where all could live in peace. Improvement of self and society would take precedence as a driving force, and innovation would be geared towards improving quality of life for all.

II. What We Are Not

We are NOT a subversive, separatist, or paramilitary organization, or a cult. We do NOT advocate in any way, shape, or form the overthrow or sabotage of the government of the United States or any other nation. We seek to establish a new nation, government, society, and culture which shall serve as an example to the world, and we seek to do so by purely lawful means.

III. About Our Name

The name "Montsegur" was chosen in honor of the Cathars, a religious sect of the Middle Ages who established their own civilization in southern France. Ahead of their time, the Cathars advocated freedom, tolerance, and equality for both sexes and all classes, religions, creeds, and sexual orientations. Perceived as a threat to the status quo by the Church and Nobility, they were all but eradicated in a ruthless "crusade" in 1277. Montsegur was their last stronghold, where in the name of freedom they made a valiant yet futile stand against the invading Crusader armies. It is in their memory that our country has been tentatively named. Its final name, of course, will be decided by committee.

IV. Our Flag

I got inspiration for our flag from the Amnesty International logo. The flag is a rainbow candle on a white background. Rainbow to honor the Rainbow flag and to signify diversity. I chose a white background because white is actually the presence of all colors. All colors working and living together in harmony.

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V. Our Invitation To You

Our proposed society is open to all people throughout the world who seek a better life. Our invitation is extended to all nationalities, creeds, races, religions, and sexual orientations. If you share our vision, and wish to join our cause, please e-mail us: montsegur002@my-dejanews.com




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